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Sandy Halloween by Fair8Skaya
Sandy Halloween
This is my may-not-be-forgiven late birthday present for Katrina Keynes, the author of Broken and Burned Fairytales. It took me about four months to get this art finished, look at me, I'm a trash =_="
There is the Sand group of the Watchtower. Usually I draw only Ben and Kai (the red and white ones), but this was the first experience of drawing them altogether. It's far, deadly far from being perfect, and I somehow improved since that time, but here it is. I still like it in some way.
Also, Ben and Kai here are of the Burned Fairytales timeline - both have thier hair cut, and Ben also has a scar at his eyebrow. I don't know why it turned out this way XD
When I was thinking of the birthday art, I was obsessed with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, which Katrina and I both do love, and the Sand group is somehow alike with guys from Tsubasa, as well as the idea of travelling between the worlds, so it was quite easy to find a role for everyone.
So, here goes the Halloween cosplay party in Watchtower!
Friends by Fair8Skaya
This is quite an old painting I've done for my friend, AoshiNiKo, two or three years ago. She reminded me of it recently, so I decided to upload it here.
Warm memories, we were like Aladdin and Alibaba back then.

And, of course, my scanner has eaten all the colours of the sky =( Tried to make it up in PS, not very successfully though.
Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day by Fair8Skaya
Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day
"Broken & Burned Fairytales" (c) Katrina Keynes

The idea of this double art has srtiken me while listening to the song of Poets of the Fall, "Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day". The actual words which gave the inspiration were 
"Love me in this fable, babe, my heart is in your hand"
"Let me love you in this fable, hold your heart in my hand"
- so I used them as a main theme.
Ben is a fenghuang, which is the chinese variant of a "phoenix". His heart and soul are living fire, he's impulsive, he's life himself, immortal son of sun. And he definetely is the one to thaw frozen heart of former Snow King.
Kai has been the Snow King some time ago, but cold still lives in him, became his second nature despite nice and soft personality. And he's may be the only one to restrain and keep in safe Ben's wild heart and character.

Actually there is another character I'd like to put here as a third, Phoenix. He is a fairytale's Law posessing Ben's body and personality (partially) from the Burned Fairytales. Thare is a whole verse for him in the song, he plays an important role in the plot and the third part of art seem to be missing in the composition. Maybe I will add him there - I already have a sketch of him.

Anyway, I was really enjoying going back to watercolours after something like two years break. It's magnificent, though my skills are far from perfect yet.
And Kai made me VERY nervous XD But I like the combination of different shades of blue and yellow (and the violet was kind of a sudden). It seems to become my favourite one XD It's winter now, quite sunny and frosty, so I can see it any time I look through the window =)
I won't Surrender by Fair8Skaya
I won't Surrender
It was just a sketch at first. I was listening to "Take It Away" by Ashes Remain and couldn't help drawing something to the words "You can bring me down // I won't surrender".
The thing is, this is the exact situation with Feng now, in the "Burned Fairytales". Well, almost exact. His body is under control of another person, but he's fighting for his life. And he's winning now!
O'k, o'k, I'm not sure which timeline it is. It could be the end of the first book or the very beginning of the second as well. Whatever.
Ben never surrenders, never gives up. Just doesn't have a right to - or so he thinks. It's one of his traits I like the most.

Anyway, my colouring still leaves much to be desired. I'm not satisfied with this, but for now it's the best I can do. I hope to improve it in future.
The Past Triple by Fair8Skaya
The Past Triple
Fenghuang from the "Broken Fairytales" written by Katrina Keynes.
It's Ben's past, probably when he was a teenager? Happy time of one of the Sun's sons, a wonderful fire bird who makes wishes come true, when he still had wings (and a tail, actually).

It should have been just a sketch, but I decided to add some colour. I was cheating, I know ^^ But to my mind the coloured version is at least not as bad as it could be =) (Smile) 
And though there's still a long way to go, I do love to draw Ben ^^ Wanna do some more~


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Fair Skaya
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